This page will explain the process of building your website. We will also need to discuss the entire procedure by phone, but if you have any question, you only have to message me. You can get in touch by telephoning 07488 277147 or by filling in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The following information is quite detailed for good reason. You will want to know everything involved before you begin, so here is my 'everything you need to know' guide.

I am told that my fees are actually quite reasonable and certainly when compared to other web designers, but the fee largely reflects the time it will take to build a website. Web design is a process with several stages and my cost is based on my time.

There are many web design companies who offer "Websites from as little as £99!" etc. That may seem like an attractive price, until you look at the small print. Such prices may often only cover a single page, or a few pages but do not allow much scope for the content you wish to be included. I saw one recently which advertised "Unlimited pages and free hosting with a total cost to you of only £28!" After checking the detail, the price was nearer £600 PLUS a monthly £10 hosting fee.

With over 20 years experience, creating a variety of different websites for varying needs, I probably have more experience than most.

A well-designed website should cater for the exact needs of your product or your service:

These should include:

* Getting the layout right.
* An appealing design.
* Uncluttered and concise.
* Mobile friendly.
* Ensuring there is enough room for images, text, audio and video
* Plus any other relevant factors to suit your needs.

Once I know the requirements of your website, I will give you a good idea of how long it will take to complete, test and get it online, ready for the world to see. The overall time this takes will depend on a number of factors, including the availability of the information you need for your website, so please ensure that you have this data to hand before we proceed, but don’t worry, it's all flexible and I will help wherever I can.

The biggest delays are often caused when my customers do not have their information at hand. As an approximate estimate, a five page website which includes a Home page, a photo gallery, an About Us page, a Contact or Feedback Form, a map of how to find you, etc. should take no more than a month, but also maybe less, should you have all the information ready from the start.

Again, it's all flexible, so if you require extra pages and more content than, let's say, the average five page site, the fee may need to be adjusted to reflect this. We will agree on fees, etc. before making a start. A custom listing can be created for specific needs.

I will need to know what you are planning to have on your website. Is it for business? i.e. do you plan to sell a product/s? Is it a club or hobby site? Roughly how many pages do you require? Do you want to include images? A photo gallery? Audio? Video?

This information will give me a good idea of the time needed before we proceed.

Do you have an idea of how you want your website to look? Most people do not and I can help with this. I can show you plenty of existing designs, including sites I have built myself.

Included! Also, your website will also be registered with the 40 most popular search engines. I can show you the success I have had in this field.

Your purchase is covered by PayPal's Buyer & Fraud Protection guarantees, so you will have complete peace of mind when making your purchase. Read here: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security Most people prefer to pay by PayPal because of the level of buyer protection given, however, you can also pay by other methods. Just ask.

Once I understand your requirements, I will make a draft of your website and submit it to you. Once you approve the layout, etc., I will ask for a deposit or your payment in full before proceeding. We would need to discuss this by telephone too. This will give us both the peace of mind we need. As you will see, I have lots of positive feedback and I am happy to show you other websites I have created. I have more than 20 years experience in this field.

I am contactable at all times so please feel free to ask any questions. I am always happy to help and I will give you my contact details as soon as we begin.

I also ask you to respect that there are needs on my part too as website construction is a very fluid process and changes may occur along the way, but I am stating my terms and conditions here to inform you of the entire process.

Other than you needing a domain and hosting, absolutely not, unless you suddenly provide extra data for me to include on your website which will increase the workload/number of pages/the time needed to complete your website, such that it would significantly exceed the details of our initial agreement. All agreements will be put into writing, providing a guarantee for both of us.


Those "www.yourname.co.uk" addresses. Think of this as your street address. It's where people find you. If you do not already own a domain, you will probably need one and I am happy to guide you though the process. A .com or .co.uk domain will typically cost around £10 per year, unless you are planning to host your site on a C.M.S. (Content Management System) such as Wix or Wordpress, which can be free.

This is the space where your domain sits: Your house and its contents. Also the traffic: The number of people who pass through and see it. This comprises all your text, photos, videos, audio, etc. and the number of times people view or play them. This is calculated on a monthly basis and may cost as little as £1 or £2 per month, up to £5 or so. These fees are charged by the Internet Service Provider and not by myself. You can view these at any time and choose them and vary them according to your needs. A Wix or Wordpress site, etc. does not require a domain purchase or hosting fees.

Domains and hosting are contracts and are renewable, based on your choosing. Again, I can guide you through the processes. Contracts are extremely flexible and can run for a year or on a month by month basis, with no early cancellation fees.

YOU stay in control! Many web design companies will retain full control of your domain name and also the hosting package and will charge additional fees for the management thereof. My service is different. You have the option to remain in control of your own domain and hosting, should you wish to do so. I am also happy to manage this for you for a small additional fee. Should you wish to manage this yourself, there are a few simple rules you need to be aware of. I will explain.

I usually shy away from ANY advert which boasts SPECIAL OFFERS, but since I am a regular builder of websites, I usually receive excellent deals on hosting packages and I always pass these on to my customers. Currently, one of the best offers I am able to give is a FREE SSL certificate! These are more suited to e-commerce websites, should you be selling products online.

FREE SSL CERTIFICATE! That's right. A free SSL certificate. These certificates add additional security to your website. Usually, these cost around £50 for starter SSLs, but as a regular web designer, I am able to offer just one free of charge. SSL creates an encrypted connection and establishes customer trust. This is the "https:" part of your web address. You don't have to have one, but it is strongly advisable on websites where money and personal details are exchanged.

You can have up to 20 free email addresses with your domain, which should hopefully be enough to keep you going. Additional email addresses are available for a small additional fee.

I will include free support for your website for one year from the date of your purchase. This includes minor updates such as changing your phone number, adding an email address, hosting support, etc.

Do you require regular monthly updates? I offer a modestly priced management service to suit your needs.

Once your website is finished, you may find that you need to add new pages or additional content. generally, new pages may be charged at £50 - £100 each. but this will vary, depending on your requirements.

I am always happy to help.

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